About Us

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My Approach

I approach each shoot with the same mindset, I want the person looking at the photos I take and feel like they are there. I try and keep things as they were when I was shooting. Sometimes the photos are strong, and gritty, and sometimes the photos are soft and light. My approach will always be to stay true to what the feeling was when the shutter button was pressed.

My Story

I grew up in New Bedford, MA. In high school i found photography and fell in love. I couldn't afford a camera so I had to use my teachers camera (thank you Mr. Corria). In High school, I was taught to roll my own film ( yes film) , if we brought in an old film canister, we would pay $2.00 for 30 frames of 200 iso B/W film. It was amazing. After shooting that roll we would go into the dark room, and process the same film we had rolled. It was a pretty amazing process.

After quitting high school, I played in a few hardcore bands in the Massachusetts area. I finally got my GED and went to Katharine Gibbs in Providence, RI and entered the Visual Communications program, which was a graphic design heavy program. Entering this program, I got my first camera ( Nikon Student Model) Learning graphic design , and diving deeper into photography, It's all I needed. After graduating with a 3.86 GPA I started doing lots of CD layouts and web pages.

So here I am. Many years later, living in St. Petersburg, FL , shooting whatever I can loving EVERY frame. If you are still reading I give you credit because I am just rambling. lets shoot some fun things together. Lets get creative.